Acute Care Short-term treatment for a severe injury, illness, urgent medical condition, or during recovery from surgery.
Critical Care Specialized treatment for people with life-threatenting injuries or illnesses.
Primary Care First point of contact care in the health care system usually a clinic or family doctor.
Community Care Services that help people to receive care at home instead of a hospital or long-term care facility.
Academic Health Sciences Centre A partnership between one or more universities and health care providers focussing on research, clinical services, education and training.
Integrated Care A global trend in health care aimed at reducing fragmentation of services and enabling better more coordinated and continuous care.

the new St. Pauls

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In this series, Global BC highlights the need for a new integrated health care campus to replace the aging infrastructure of the current St. Paul’s Hospital. The series demonstrates the challenges facing clinicians, nurses, researchers and other medical staff who deliver incredible care to the patients every day, despite these challenging conditions.

  • Episode 1
    Why do we need a new St. Paul’s Hospital?
    In its introductory segment, Global explores what isn’t working about the current St. Paul’s Hospital location and how a reimagined health care campus on Station Street could better meet the needs of BC’s growing and aging population. Learn more on Global News.
  • Episode 1 – Extended
    St Pauls ER doctor on why the hospital needs to move
  • Episode 2
    What B.C.’s new St. Paul’s Hospital will look like?
    Creating a modern care campus means exploring global best practices in health care design—including infection control concepts like “one patient, one room”. Extensive consultation with stakeholders across the province can help generate new ideas. Learn more on Global News.
  • Episode 3
    Who are the patients of tomorrow?
    One ultimate goal of making care better means keeping people out of the emergency department who really need primary or community care. Acute services, including the high-tech interventions of tomorrow, will then be more available to those who need that specific level of care. Learn more on Global News.
  • Episode 3 – Extended
    How new St Pauls Hospital will help BC seniors Watch News Videos Online
  • Episode 4
    What is a model of care for urban health?
    The needs of many urban patients require a range of mental health and addictions programs and services across the continuum of care. The goal is to keep these patients well at home and in the community; out of the emergency department where their care is more fragmented. Learn more on Global News.
  • Episode 5
    What is the role of research?
    A modern health care campus that integrates research facilities can accelerate new discoveries and fuel better care for patients. It does this by attracting top research talent, additional funding, and international research opportunities. Learn more on Global News.
  • Dementia
    A special ‘neighbourhood’ for people with dementia
    With the number of seniors in this province suffering from dementia set to explode over the next decade, an expert from overseas has come to B.C. with his game-changing idea on how to deal with it. Learn more on Global News.
  • Patient-Centred Care
    Experimenting with a new kind of patient care
    Long before construction starts on its new location, St. Paul's Hospital is already experimenting with a new kind of patient care. Randene Neill explains why it's unlike anything patients have seen before.