Acute Care Short-term treatment for a severe injury, illness, urgent medical condition, or during recovery from surgery.
Critical Care Specialized treatment for people with life-threatenting injuries or illnesses.
Primary Care First point of contact care in the health care system usually a clinic or family doctor.
Community Care Services that help people to receive care at home instead of a hospital or long-term care facility.
Academic Health Sciences Centre A partnership between one or more universities and health care providers focussing on research, clinical services, education and training.
Integrated Care A global trend in health care aimed at reducing fragmentation of services and enabling better more coordinated and continuous care.

the new St. Pauls

Jim Pattison makes record $75 million donation to St. Paul’s Foundation

Jim Pattison makes record $75 million donation to St. Paul’s Foundation

Posted On: Wednesday March 29, 2017

Gift supports the Jim Pattison Medical Centre, home of the new St. Paul’s Hospital

This purpose-built integrated Medical Centre will transform health care in B.C., and around the world

St. Paul’s Foundation announced the largest donation in Canadian history by a private citizen to a single medical facility. This unprecedented philanthropic donation will support the transformation of health care for British Columbians with the creation of the new St. Paul’s at the Jim Pattison Medical Centre, a world-class medical and research centre in the heart of Vancouver.

“On behalf of the Jim Pattison Foundation, I am proud to donate to St. Paul’s Foundation for a hospital that has been putting people first in our community for more than 120 years,” said Jim Pattison, Chairman and CEO of the Jim Pattison Group. “The new Jim Pattison Medical Centre will build on St. Paul’s Hospital’s history of serving British Columbians with excellence and compassion, and enable close collaboration among clinicians and researchers to collectively drive new standards in health care and treatment for all British Columbians.”

The new Jim Pattison Medical Centre will be a purpose-built, fully-integrated health campus, comprising the entire 18.4-acre site on Station Street in the False Creek Flats. Building on St. Paul’s global reputation for leadership and innovation in clinical care and research, the Jim Pattison Medical Centre will be a hub for services that reach across Vancouver and the province of B.C.

“Jim Pattison has stepped forward to transform health care on a scale this country has never seen,” said Dick Vollet, President and CEO, St. Paul’s Foundation. “Jim Pattison’s gift will help us realize an exceptionally rare opportunity to build a major medical and research centre from the ground up, that will establish its place among the most highly regarded and recognized medical centres in North America.”

The Jim Pattison Medical Centre will include St. Paul’s Hospital with its associated acute-and-critical-care programs; the provincial Heart Centre, Centre for Heart Lung Innovation, the BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS and other centres of excellence in health care and research; primary care and specialized outpatient clinics; the PHC Research Institute; research facilities; and life sciences industry partners.

The new Centre will lead the delivery of B.C.’s new model of health care by providing patients with the highest quality integrated, compassionate, patient-centred care. In planning the new Jim Pattison Medical Centre, St. Paul’s has the unique opportunity to begin a project of this magnitude from a blank canvas. This allows the freedom to design and develop a medical centre that is built from St. Paul’s philosophy of patients first. This will translate into a health campus that is specifically designed for unique and diverse patient populations to provide an improved patient care experience for all.

“A gift of this magnitude will have an impact today, and for generations to come,” said Dr. Jeff Pike, physician and director of clinical planning for redevelopment at Providence Health Care. “Our patients’ care experience will be greatly improved, and they’ll be supported from hospital to community to home — receiving the right care, at the right time, at the right place.”

Images and video of the new St. Paul’s and b-roll of announcement can be downloaded here.