Acute Care Short-term treatment for a severe injury, illness, urgent medical condition, or during recovery from surgery.
Critical Care Specialized treatment for people with life-threatenting injuries or illnesses.
Primary Care First point of contact care in the health care system usually a clinic or family doctor.
Community Care Services that help people to receive care at home instead of a hospital or long-term care facility.
Academic Health Sciences Centre A partnership between one or more universities and health care providers focussing on research, clinical services, education and training.
Integrated Care A global trend in health care aimed at reducing fragmentation of services and enabling better more coordinated and continuous care.

the new St. Pauls

Newsletter: Celebrating three years of construction

Posted On: Thursday April 25, 2024

Reaching New Heights

It’s been a busy three years of digging and building at the new St. Paul’s Hospital construction site. We’re gearing up for the addition of the 11th (and final!) floor. Check out our progress by watching a virtual tour of the construction site.

“On our one-year anniversary of construction, we were staring down into a large excavation site. On our second-year anniversary, we were looking at the ground floor that had just been poured. And today, we’re standing up on the 10th floor of this very large complex building. It’s amazing progress.” – Kevin Little, senior manager of design and project delivery with the New St. Paul’s Hospital Project Team

Building Green

April is Earth Month, a time for people around the world to advance sustainability and climate action – and we’re doing that and more at the new St. Paul’s Hospital. From the extensive use of LED lighting fixtures to roof top gardens to low-maintenance native plant species, the new hospital will be green, sustainable and resilient.

Spinning Out Innovation

Putting patients first, while bridging the gap between communities in need and world-class health care research. Read about our new Clinical Support and Research Centre, connected by a skybridge to the new St. Paul’s Hospital in the Globe and Mail

The state-of-the-art research facility promises to be a game-changer. Learn how this research centre with will catalyze real-world solutions for patients in this month’s issue of Canadian Healthcare Technology.

Celebrating Construction & Skilled Trades Month

It’s Construction and Skilled Trades Month in BC, and we thank the dedicated individuals helping us build our new hospital. 

Meet David, an apprentice electrician and one of the 1,200 skilled tradespeople who work at the new St. Paul’s Hospital construction site!

Describe your job in one sentence:
I assist experienced electricians in installing electrical systems that will supply electricity to the new St. Paul’s Hospital, and ensure its safety and functionality.

What aspects of the hospital project are you most excited about or proud to be a part of?
With rising demands on health care, I’m proud to work on a hospital project that will be part of the solution. Knowing that I played a small part in what will have a lasting and positive impact on people’s lives is really fulfilling.

What is your favourite thing about your work?
Each day is rewarding as I can see the impact of our work and feel a sense of accomplishment and meaning in what I do. I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to work on a large-scale project and with the team that I’m surrounded by who are all deeply committed to quality work.  

What’s one thing we’d be surprised to learn about you?
Before I began my apprenticeship, I spent 20 years working as a chef across Europe, Australia, New Zealand and here in Canada. While it may seem like a complete departure, my time spent in kitchens (some Michelin-starred) taught me valuable skills like attention to detail, time management, and thinking on my feet in fast-paced, high-pressure environments. This has allowed me to better adapt to my new career.